How to configure your modem

Choose modem
  1. Start the client by double clicking on the icons - "Umobile Connect"

  2. Click on the "Settings" icon on the client.

  3. Click on the "Preference" icon on the left side of the client.

  4. Select "UMTS/HSPA Only" instead of "Automatic".

  5. Click on "Apply"

  6. Click on "OK"

  7. Click on "X" to close the screen

  8. Click on "Connect" and start surfing the internet

  1. Click on the "Mobile Partner" icon on the desktop

  2. Click on Tools > Options

  3. Click on "Network" , change the network type to "WCDMA Only".

  4. Click on "Apply" button , next click on the "OK" button.

  5. Click on the "Connect" button to surf the internet